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The Riders 

Riding in a parade is an exhibition of the relationship between horse and rider.  It's a true honour to take a horse to the centre of town and have them trust you enough to be calm in what is to them, chaos.  Horse and man, in our case woman, have been partners for centuries and it is easy to take for granted the relationship, level of training and dedication it takes to ride in a parade.  

Having said that, speaking from experience, there is never a prouder moment then being in the parade, the crowd cheering as you and your partner go by.  In that moment we are no longer just women dressed up, we have become the woman that we chose to represent and although facing a different horizon, it gives a glimpse into the mindset of these incredible icons of our past.

Women of the Wild West would like to thank Wikipedia for being our go to source of information on these incredible women.  We encourage all to donate to Wikipedia to keep the information flowing!

horse prep

Horse prep is something that we take very seriously.  For the safety of the crowds, walkers and riders we gather to expose horses to stimulus that may not be encountered in their everyday life but will be at a parade.  

Under the watchful eye of Martha aka Annie Oakley, we practice with gates, noise makers, balloons, umbrellas, loud music and crowd cheering.  This gives the rider time to engage with her horse before being in her first parade.  

By having a mandatory 2 parades under your belt, we give the horse the chance to experience smaller crowds before we go into the Stampede Parade.  All riders MUST attend 2 parades before entering the Stampede Parade.  

WWW offer several "Cowboy Challenge" days before parade season which are held at "Giddy Up" Acres, home to Martha 


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