Rose Dunn 


Rose is showcased by Kelsey Bretin

Known as “Rose of the Cimarron”, she is thought to be best known for her beauty and her association with George Newcomb, Rose was teenager at the close of the “Wild West” years. 


Born in 1878 to a poor family, she was educated at a convent in Witchita Kansas.  Her older brothers would become minor outlaws and would teach her to ride and shoot.  Through them she met Newcomb and quickly became infatuated.  In 1893 she became romantically involved with Newcomb and it is said that the gang he ran with worshipped her because of her looks and calm demeanor. 


It would be the famous “Battle of Ingals” where she would gain notoriety.  It is said that during the gunfight the gang was cornered by marshals and Newcomb would be badly injured in the shootout.  It is said that she, armed with a Winchester ran into the street shooting at the Marshalls which allowed Newcomb to escape. 


Rose would hideout with the gang, nursing Newcomb back to health for two months.  It is thought that this is when


Rose returned home to the Dunn farm, but records are unconfirmed.


By 1895 Newcomb would have a bounty of $5000.00 on his head and being wanted Dead or Alive, Newcomb and Charlie Pearce would be gunned down by two bounty hunters as they dismounted their horses in front of the Dunn house.  They had come to visit Rose and the bounty hunters would be Rose’s own brothers who took up bounty hunting after their failed careers as outlaws. 


After Newcomb died, it was often thought that Rose had set him up.  Rose however maintained that she never revealed the hideout nor the whereabouts of Newcomb.  She denied all allegations that she tipped off her brothers for a share of the bounty. 


Although her career as an outlaw was short, it made her a western legend.  Never being prosecuted for her involvement with the gang she settled down in Salkum, Washington with politician Charles Albert Noble where she lived a respectable life.  She died at the age of 76.

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