About Us

Offering Support to Community   

Being a Wildie means that we care.  Through our commitment to the community, we help charities, groups and organizations realize their fundraising goals.  Although these endeavours aren't our own, we strive to provide historical, fun and colour to local events.  

Supporting Women and Children in Need

Many Wildies are local entrepreneurs, whom we celebrate, support and market.  When you are a Wildie you can expect that we will happily promote and participate in your endeavors whenever possible.  Our passion is to help organizations who care about the daily concerns of Women and Children locally and globally.  We are thrilled to be an addition to community events, social gatherings and business ventures...Have an idea where we can help?  Contact Klondike Kate (Bryanne Doyle) to enquire.

Forging Friendships

Let's face it, there's always times when we need a friend. Its not just about coming to a parade, it's about having someone to call when we need it.  

Women Of the Wild West

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