Time to dust off your boots…
The one and only Annie Oakley along with 
Diamond Lil are looking for …




Most importantly we would like to first thank all the former Wildies…you kept the embers warm…and to ALL our page followers…you inspired the return!

It has been a long journey back to the parlour and wow does it feel great!  The group has changed, we are now becoming a group of women that will raise up, support and empower each other.  The group will now be focused on building relationships, a sister hood growing positive, nurturing relationships, a place where you can come warts 'n all and be free from judgement and bias.  


So what are Wildies???

Wildies are like minded women who are looking for fun, support and camaraderie in the spirit of the strong historical women who had the courage to trail blaze for us all.

Wildies get together to celebrate each other at a variety of events including gatherings, charity work, volunteering and yep… PARADES!
We are looking for Riders with horses, walkers & banner holders.


Who doesn’t like to get dressed up and represent historical bad ass women and whoop it up???  


Empowering Women 
Honoring Fearless Trail Blazers 
Supporting the Community

Women Of the Wild West

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